Switzerland’s 2028 Foreign Policy Vision

Some 300 guests were keen to hear about how Switzerland is to position itself for the future in terms of foreign policy and Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis’s take on the report “Switzerland in the world in 2028”. What, in his view, will a “more targeted, better interconnected and more agile foreign policy” achieve? The SBA looks back on a forward-looking event in Zurich.

Foreign policy is increasingly vital to Switzerland’s prosperity and security. In addition to this, it is of strategic importance to ensure that Swiss financial service providers have access to foreign markets so that the Swiss financial sector can remain competitive.

Which opportunities and risks must our country take into account in order to maintain its strengths up to 2028 and beyond? Those attending the event in Zurich were given a first-hand account of Switzerland’s 2028 Foreign Policy Vision.

In its report “Switzerland in the world in 2028”, a working group set up by Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis examines Swiss interests, identifies regional and thematic priorities and sets out proposals concerning the future capacities and expertise of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). It outlines a six-point vision on which the FDFA can draw when shaping Switzerland’s future foreign policy.

Federal Councillor Cassis commented, “As a committed member of international networks and a host country to many international organisations, it is very much in Switzerland’s interests to look to the future and know what path it intends to take.”

A panel discussion was held in which Federal Councillor Cassis, SBA CEO Jörg Gasser and National Councillors Doris Fiala and Hans-Peter Portmann (who is also Vice-Chairman of the Zurich Banking Association) talked about various possible scenarios for Switzerland’s place in the world in 2028 from a range of perspectives.

Jörg Gasser stressed, “Good international relations bolster our economy and secure our country’s prosperity. The report shows how essential it is to ensure that foreign policy, businesses and the public at large work together in harmony.”

The event was organised jointly by the Zurich Banking Association and the SBA.

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