Swiss Banking Academy

The Swiss Banking Academy is offering a wide range of webinars and specialized seminars. The Swiss Banking Academy's selected content on fundamental and current banking topics is designed to promote learning and knowledge transfer within the Swiss financial sector.

 The content is based on sharing experiences and is strongly geared to being useful in practice.

 The Swiss Banking Academy is available to all staff of banks in Switzerland and the Swiss financial centre in general.

What makes the Swiss Banking Academy special?

The Swiss Banking Academy is all about first-hand knowledge and features a unique combination of the know-how and viewpoints of experts from the Swiss Bankers Association, a broad spectrum of bank committees, financial centre partner organisations and the authorities.

Who is the Swiss Banking Academy’s content aimed at?

The Swiss Banking Academy’s webinars and seminars are aimed at staff of SBA member institutions as well as people working for other Swiss financial centre players.

What does the Swiss Banking Academy offer?

The Swiss Banking Academy offers webinars and specialised seminars for banking experts, managers, client advisors and anyone with an interest in banking. It covers fundamental aspects, specific tax issues and hot topics such as open finance and sustainable finance. The strong practical focus enables course participants to apply the knowledge acquired directly in their work, and discussions among participants are encouraged in the interests of knowledge transfer.

How does the Swiss Banking Academy add value?

These days, virtually unlimited information on financial topics is available whenever it is needed. We are convinced that this information can only be fully understood and applied successfully in practice if it is properly fitted together and placed in the right context. This is exactly what we aim to do, aided by a vast network and an interdisciplinary approach. We add value through high standards of specialist expertise and a clear focus on practical application.

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Head of Education & Academy
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Project Manager Swiss Banking Academy
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Administrator Education & Academy
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