Order legal opinions on netting*

The Capital Adequacy Ordinance (CAO) permits “legal and contractual netting” as a risk-mitigating measure (Art. 61 para. 1 let. a CAO). By netting derivatives positions against each other, banks can reduce their balance sheet items and thus also their capital costs. In order to benefit from netting, they must provide evidence that it is legally enforceable in the jurisdictions concerned. The Swiss Bankers Association orders the legal opinions on netting required for the master agreements (OTC SMA, ETD SMA, Repo SMA, SLB SMA, ISDA etc.) and ensures that they are periodically updated.

Individual legal opinions

Individual legal opinions cost CHF 1,000 excluding VAT and any delivery costs per country and agreement (e.g. Switzerland: OTC SMA). In addition to the most recent legal opinion and any subsequent addenda, this also includes previous opinions for the same country and agreement. Legal opinions may not be made available to third parties outside the member’s group of companies without the SBA’s written permission.


The subscription gives you unlimited access to all legal opinions on the Swiss Bankers Association portal. It is valid from the order date to December 31 of the same year and billed on a pro-rata basis. The minimum subscription period is one year. Subscriptions that are not cancelled by November 30 are automatically extended by a year.

* Individual legal opinions and the subscription are available exclusively to SBA members. Orders submitted using the web form are binding. If you work for a member bank and are unsure whether it already has a subscription, you can check in the portal whether you have access to legal opinions on netting.

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