Lifelong learning

The skill sets required by financial sector employees are changing. New job profiles and new opportunities in digital business and green finance demand constant, lifelong learning.

The Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) is committed to ensuring that the Swiss financial centre offers the best possible environment for lifelong learning, especially with regard to digital and sustainability skills. Future-proof capabilities that can be applied to any profession, such as networked thinking, problem-solving, receptiveness to learning, communication, creativity, a critical mindset and working as part of a team are also vital.

These are becoming ever more important in view of the megatrends of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, new business models, roles and job profiles and professions, as well as the increasing demands of the job market in terms of professional mobility, flexibility, complexity and globalisation.

Finding the right further education

  • Compare all current training and further education courses in Banking & Finance, be it webinars, CAS or academic studies.
  • See ratings from participants and rate yourself
  • Additionally for SBA members: discounted conditions for a bank-internal career platform


Alexandra Steinberg
Head of Educational Development
+41 58 330 62 53
Rafael Giobbi
Head Training and Education Services
+41 58 330 62 20
Jelisaveta Todorovski
Associate Education
+41 58 330 62 33