Individual members

The Swiss Bankers Association’s members include around 11,300 individuals. Chairmen, vice-chairmen, members of the executive board as well as members of senior management can join as individuals. They have sole voting rights at the General Assembly. Individual members are admitted on application from the member institutions. Individual members belong to the Swiss Bankers Club and can attend exclusive events in their regions as well as receiving other services. 

Swiss Bankers Club – SBC events

Individual members can meet up regularly at SBC events to exchange views with each other and with SBA staff. This allows the Association to gauge the industry’s needs based on feedback from individual members, not just entire boards. SBC events also offer the SBA an opportunity to communicate its position on specific topics in a more personal setting. The SBA hosts the following events for its individual members:

Swiss Bankers Day

The annual Swiss Bankers Day also serves as the SBA’s formal Annual General Meeting. It is the most important industry event for the Swiss financial centre, attended by around 500 representatives of all Swiss banks as well as high-ranking figures from the world of politics and the authorities.

SwissBanking Politforum

The SwissBanking Politforum is a special event for the SBA’s individual members. It is aimed at all individual members who are actively involved in politics and/or are voluntary members of the boards, commissions and working groups of the SBA and other banking associations. Various figures from politics, the authorities and business are also invited.

Virtual SBC events throughout Switzerland

All individual members of all local chapters are invited to these events personally. They are held online, and members can follow them live and contribute to the discussion using a chat function.

Regional SBC events

The SBA hosts regular events together with the regional banking associations and invites the local chapter of the Swiss Bankers Club to each one. The regional associations are key partners for the SBA as they know the most relevant issues and needs in their region and are in close contact with their region’s leading representatives.