Trip to South America with Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer

From 18 until 20 July 2018, a delegation of representatives of the Swiss financial and fintech sectors is visiting Brazil and Argentina under the leadership of Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer. Herbert J. Scheidt, Chairman of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA), is accompanying the Federal Councillor on this trip to promote the Swiss financial centre.

17.07.2018 – Access to relevant markets is of strategic significance to the Swiss financial centre. A presence on the ground is therefore important in order to continuously strengthen the reputation of the financial centre abroad. A delegation of high-ranking representatives of the Swiss financial centre is thus travelling to South America to this end. The trip is being led by Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer, Head of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF). The State Secretary for International Financial Matters, Jörg Gasser, is accompanying the Federal Councillor. In bilateral discussions with representatives of the government, supervisory authorities and central banks, as well as with private sector stakeholders, the federal government and the Swiss banking sector, an important export industry, are promoting open markets and the cross-border provision of financial services. 

Banking delegation underscores the strengths of Switzerland’s financial centre

The banking delegation, consisting of representatives from private as well as big banks, is being led by Herbert J. Scheidt. Together, they are highlighting the quality and advantages of the Swiss financial centre. The competitiveness of Switzerland’s financial centre also depends in particular on a liberal and long-term framework for access to foreign markets.

Open markets contribute to economic growth and foster competition. The freest possible movement of services and capital is of key importance to economic growth, which is why the opportunities for foreign financial institutions that wish to conduct cross-border investments should be fostered. The discussions are aimed at paving the way for a continuous expansion of the global offering available to customers. The support of the Federal Councillor and the authorities in strengthening the financial centre is a reflection of the financial centre’s significant importance as a sector of the Swiss economy.

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