SwissBanking outlines success factors for the industry in the age of open banking

A further article in our Blogparade by Christian König founder of Fintech News Network.

"In Switzerland, it is no longer a question of whether or not open banking is to stay, but rather in what form it will establish itself in the country."


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About the author

Christian is the founder of Fintech News Network, Head of Asia, and one of the early day innovators in the fintech scene. He felt the trend already at an early stage in 2012 when he was one of the first bloggers in the finance scene. He knew that fintech topics would become very important and in 2015 he founded fintechnews.ch as the first website from six nowadays.

Currently, he is focusing on developing a huge market in the Asia Pacific. He has an excellent network around our hubs Singapore, Malaysia and Switzerland, that’s why he knows exactly how to figure out the top news of the fast-developing fintech world.

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